Thermal springs in Tuscany

Thermal springs in Tuscany

Thermal springs in Tuscany

Thermal springs in Tuscany

Thermal baths, mineral pools, hot springs and spas in Tuscany

Hot pools in Tuscany
Saturnia hot pools in Tuscany

Tuscany, world famous for its landscapes, its climate, its agricultural produce and its life-style is also a land rich in thermal pools, hot springs and spas.

Thermal hot water sources are to be found in all the region’s provinces where they are no longer simply centres for classic thermal cures for various conditions such as respiratory illness, arthritis and rheumatism, vascular insufficiency, skin disease and diseases of the alimentary tract and bile ducts. In fact, in recent years, the emphasis has shifted to the concept of wellness and the spas, in addition to being used for therapy, now offer themselves as delightful places where Nature caters to our need for relaxation. Time spent soaking in a hot pool fed by a geothermal spring is beneficial to the regeneration of body and soul, of feeling well and these moments are ever more necessary to compensate the stress and frenetic pace of modern living.

The geothermal hot water sources throughout the Region of Tuscany are essentially fed by the roots of Monte Amiata, a dormant volcano situated in the southern extremity of the  Val d’Orcia. All the Tuscan thermal spas have a long history. For example, in Saturnia in the province of Grosseto, the story goes that Jove, angry with Saturn, hurled lightning at him. It missed but in the place where it fell it created a spring of hot water. Legends apart, many of today’s thermal springs were already known and appreciated by the Etruscans and the Romans – Bagni di Lucca, Bagno Vignoni and Venturina. Roman ruins are still visible in Saturnia and Petriolo.

The most famous of the Tuscan thermal pools and hot springs include the following:

Bagno Vignoni – Roman and later mediaeval thermal baths in the Val d’Orcia. Free access to the village and views of the baths.

Terme di Saturnia – open-air, calcite-terraced pools. Access and car park free. Located in the Province of Grosseto in the Maremma.

Montecatini Terme – a group of art nouveau thermal spas forming the most important thermal springs in Italy.

Terme di San Filippo – located in the province of Grosseto, among the fascinating “crete” of the Val d’Orcia and the woods of Monte Amiata.

Bagni di Petriolo – Tuscan thermal spring located in the Ombrone Valley, along the Farma river, on the border between the municipalities of Monticiano and Civitella Paganico.

Bagni di Lucca – this small town and the surrounding hills are dotted with hot springs and spas. Bagni di Lucca is located 25 km from Lucca.

San Giuliano Terme – splendid 19th century spa town 5 km from Pisa.

Casciana Terme – small town famous for its 19 C spa and public thermal baths.

Rapalano Terme – located in the Crete Senesi south of Sienna.

San Casciano dei Bagni – located on the southern border of Tuscany.