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Accommodations in Tuscany, Italy

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What kind of accommodation is available in Tuscany, Italy?

There are relatively few hotels outside the cities and towns of Tuscany. The main cities of Tuscany are well provided with hotels and pensioni but visitors may well be tempted by the luxury villa hotels in the Tuscan countryside. These are historical villas that have been converted into tourist accommodation, usually preserving the characteristic features of the classic Tuscan villa. However, farmhouses (case coloniche) are the main form of vacation rental accommodation in Tuscany, Italy. Many websites and individuals refer to Tuscan farmhouses as “villas” purely because they are stand-alone structures, but in fact Tuscan villas to rent are an entirely separate category from farmhouses. In addition, many Tuscan farmhouses have been divided up into self-catering vacation rental apartments, and the final category consists rural and village Bed and Breakfast rooms. B&Bs can be located in the Tuscan country towns and villages but wineries also offer this form of accommodation. A separate classification that can be superimposed on villas, farmhouses, apartments and rooms, is basically the division between true Tuscan agriturismi, meaning working farms such as wineries and/or olive oil producers, on the one hand, and all other rural holiday accommodation, on the other. The agriturismo experience is often the highlight of a vacation in Tuscany, Italy, and is certainly an economical option for your Tuscany holiday accommodation.

agriturismo in Tuscany
An agriturismo (farm stay vacation accommodation) in Tuscany
vacation accommodation in Tuscany
Vacation accommodation in Tuscany often includes access to a shared swimming pool

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Tuscan antipasto
Enjoy Tuscan antipasti!
Tuscan wine
Enjoy Tuscan wine!

Accommodations for your vacation in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany vacation accommodations

For your accommodations in Tuscany, rent a whole vacation apartment in the Tuscany countryside for less than the price of a smallish hotel room in a Tuscan city, and eat more often at your accommodations. Almost all supermarkets of any size in Tuscany offer freshly cooked hot food, both meats and vegetables, as well as a huge range of fresh pastas, cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables in olive oil, fruits and other local products, not to mention wine at a fraction of restaurant prices.

What to see and where to stay in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany vacation villa hotel
A villa hotel in the Tuscan hills