Province of Pistoia - sights and activities in Pistoia province, Tuscany, Italy

Province of Pistoia

Province of Pistoia

Province of Pistoia

Montecatini Terme
Montecatini Terme in the Province of Pistoia, Tuscany

Sights of the Province of Pistoia

  • Pistoia, the city from which the province takes its name, is probably the principal not-to-be-missed sight in the province and yet it is unjustly neglected by visitors to Tuscany. Pistoia is just 40 km from Florence and from Lucca. More about Pistoia.
  • The thermal baths of Montecatini and Monsummano are popular spa resorts in the Province of Pistoia and well worth a visit for hot springs enthusiasts.
  • Fucecchio Marshes of the Valdinievole area of the Provincia di Pistoia. At 1800 hectares, the Fucecchio Marshes are the largest inland marsh in all of Italy. The Marsh is now a protected nature reserve where you can spot up to 200 species of migratory birds in the winter and spring months, including large numbers of herons which nest here.
  • Svizzera Pesciatina is the nickname for a stretch of the hilly country in the Valleriana area of the Province of Pistoia, the location of the “dieci castella”, a string of very attractive mediaeval villages in the hills near Pescia. Their names are Pietrabuona, Fibbialla, Aramo, Medicina, San Quirico, Castelvecchio, Sorana, Pietrabuona, Vellano and Valleriana, and they can be visited by car or even by hiking. The surrounding verdant valleys make the Svizzera Pesciatina an ideal location for a restful excursion, especially during the hot days of summer.
  • Parco di Pinocchio founded to celebrate the fame of Pinocchio and very popular among families with young children.
  • The Biblioteca Capitolare of Pescia is a fine baroque library attached to the duomo of the town of Pescia.  More about Biblioteca Capitolare of Pescia.
Stiappa, a dependency of Pescia and part of Svizzera Pesciatina

Festivals and events in the Province of Pistoia

  • The Giostra dell’Orso is the most interesting, exciting and famous annual event in the Province of Pistoia. This festival takes place in the Piazza del Duomo of Pistoia on the 25 July in honour St. James, patron saint of Pistoia. The Giostra dell’Orso is a re-creation of two different events in Pistoia’s history. One was a horse race in honor of Sant’Jacopo, that was called the Palio, because, as for the more famous Palio of Siena, the prize was a piece of painted cloth known as a palio. The other event was a mention in the 1660’s of a jousting match with a bear. Bears are not found in Tuscany now but they were abundant in late mediaeval times and the bear is the heraldic beast of Pistoia. During the Giostra dell’Orso of Pistoia, three knights from each of the four quarters of Pistoia charge a swinging target. The joust starts at 9 pm but there are parades and other displays throughout the day, starting with Mass at about 10 am.

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Giostra dell’Orso in Pistoia
Giostra dell’Orso in Pistoia

Municipalities (comuni) in the Province of Pistoia

  • Abetone
  • Agliana
  • Buggiano
  • Chiesina Uzzanese
  • Cutigliano
  • Lamporecchio
  • Larciano
  • Marliana
  • Massa e Cozzile
  • Monsummano Terme
  • Montale
  • Montecatini Terme
  • Pescia
  • Pieve a Nievole
  • Pistoia
  • Piteglio
  • Ponte Buggianese
  • Quarrata
  • Sambuca Pistoiese
  • San Marcello Pistoiese
  • Serravalle Pistoiese
  • Uzzano