Florence, the art capital of Tuscany




The city of Florence (Firenze in Italian), capital of the Region of Tuscany

Florence Italy
Florence Italy

Probably the best months to visit Florence are May, June, September and October. July is very pleasant in terms of weather but is already crowded with tourists. August can be very hot and humid because Florence is located in a valley that traps heat. Many like to come here in the cooler months but be aware that the days are noticeably short and of course it can rain or snow during winter.

Allow plenty of time to visit the galleries and churches, and try to take a day off in the country from time to time. Also please be aware that the historic centre of Florence is a limited traffic zone and you will be fined if you drive there without a permit.

Here are just few of the sights that make Florence the art and architecture capital of Tuscany and one of the most important art cities in the world.

  • The Uffizi Gallery – one of it not the premier gallery for Renaissance art. You could spend days in the Uffizi absorbing it all.
  • The Duomo (Florence Cathedral) – a splendid structure – try climbing up inside the dome to the viewing space at the top.
  • Museo dell’Opera del Duomo – this museum houses a huge number of the works of art that once crammed the interior of the Duomo.
  • Giotto’s Campanile – right next to the Duomo – this beautiful bell tower can also be climbed.
  • The Baptistry and Ghiberti’s doors – right in front of the Duomo – spectacular byzantine mosaics inside, and copies of Ghiberti’s doors to be seen from outside.
  • The Ponte Vecchio
  • The Piazza della Signoria
  • The Loggia dei Lanzi
  • The Palazzo Vecchio
  • The Pitti Palace
  • The Accademia Gallery
  • Orsanmichele
  • The Brancacci Chapel
  • The Bargello is a fabulous museum located in one of the oldest buildings in Florence, dating back to 1255 and originally the headquarters of the Capitano del Popolo. The whole building is stuffed with irreplaceable masterpieces. Not to be missed.
  • The Museo Horne is focused on art and furnishings of the 14 C and 15 C, located in the former Palazzo Corsi.
  • The Museo Sibbert is located on on the hill of Montughi in Florence The museum contains over 36,000 artifacts, including a vast collection of armour from Eastern and Western civilisations.

Worth an extended visit. More about Florence.