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Bagni di San Filippo

Bagni di San Filippo calcium terraces

Bagni di San Filippo, in the province of Grosseto, is situated among the fascinating “crete” of the Val d’Orcia and the woods of Monte Amiata. This is one of Tuscany’s most spectacular spa resorts thanks to the presence of white limestone deposits which wind magically through the surrounding greenery.

Montecatini Terme

Montecatini art nouveau Tettuccio Spa

Montecatini Terme and its thermal resorts are located in the Valdinievole which is also the area of some small but attractive art towns such as Pescia and Monsummano Terme. The Valdinievole forms a small but significant part of the Province of Pistoia. The most important attractions of Montecatini are the thermal spa facilities themselves.

Terme di Saturnia

Saturnia hot springs

The Terme di Saturnia (Saturnia hot springs), in the province of Grosseto, date from Roman times. They were still so famous in the Middle Ages that the Pope, Clement III spoke of them.

Terme di Petriolo

Terme di Petriolo

The Terme di Petriolo (or Bagni di Petriolo) are a Tuscan thermal spring. The location is in the Ombrone Valley, along the Farma river, on the border between the municipalities of Monticiano and Civitella Paganico, in the province of Siena and Grosseto respectively.

La Camera del Podestà Museo Civico, San Gimignano

La Camera del Podestà Museo Civico, San Gimignano bathing scene

La Camera del Podestà, San GimignanoLa Camera del Podestà in the Museo Civico of San Gimignano, Tuscany Camera del Podesta San Gimignano The Palazzo Comunale (town hall) of San Gimignano, also known as the Palazzo del Popolo or the Palazzo nuovo del Podestà, contains within it, among many treasures, the Camera del Podestà (Chamber of [...]

Thermal springs in Tuscany

Hot pools in Tuscany

Tuscany, world famous for its landscapes, its climate, its agricultural produce and its life-style is also a land rich in thermal pools, hot springs and wellness spas.

Horse and wagon excursions in Tuscany

Excursions in Tuscany by horse and wagon

There are many experiences to be had in Tuscany that are extremely popular among children, and none is more exciting for them than to go for an excursion through the Tuscan countryside in a horse-drawn wagon!

Wedding in Tuscany

wedding in Tuscany

Looking for a great place to celebrate your forthcoming marriage? Tuscany offers endless romantic wedding venues. A wedding in Tuscany can be a grand occasion located at a castle or an intimate occasion at an agriturismo in the country where family and friends can all be accommodated.

Tuscany wine tours


A very enjoyable part of your vacation in Tuscany can be to taste a range of Tuscan wines at the wineries that actually produce them. How to visit more than one winery, “taste” more than one wine, and still be able to get safely from one winery to the next? You could designate one of your group to not have any wine, but a great alternative is to hire a car with a driver-guide for a whole day.

Tuscany Cooking Lessons

4010 elisa making pasta

If you are visiting Tuscany, don’t miss out on a chance to increase your experience of Italian cookery by having a personalised Tuscan cooking class at your vacation villa or agriturismo in Tuscany.