A visit to the Abbey of Passignano, the Abbey of Passignano

Badia a Passignano

Badia a Passignano

Badia a Passignano

A visit to the Abbey of Passignano

Badia a Passignano. According to tradition, a monastery was founded at Passignano by Sichelmo in 890. An Abbey (Badia) was established 1049 as a consequence of the Vallombrosan monastic reforms, and took the form of a quadrangular fortified structure with corner towers. The original buildings have been greatly modified and much of the present appearance of the monastery results from a 19 C reconstruction as a “castle”. After a period of secular occupation, the monastery is once more occupied by a tiny community of vallumbrosan monks and may be visited on some Sunday afternoons when a guide is available.

Worth a visit. More about Badia a Passignano.

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