Volterra in Tuscany - history, architecture and museums of Volterra




Volterra in Tuscany - history, architecture and museums

Volterra Tuscany
The hilltop town of Volterra in Tuscany

Volterra is an archetypal Tuscan hill town. Its very high and isolated location have preserved much of its original character. Part of its walls, the acropolis and the Porta dell’Arco gate are Etruscan and the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum is one of the best in Italy. Volterra has a fine castle, a large Roman theatre and baths, as well as many beautiful works of art in the Florentine and Siennese styles. The Renaissance additions to the town included numerous extant tower houses and palazzi. Volterra is a centre for alabaster handicrafts.

Worth an extended visit. More about the mediaeval Tuscan town of Volterra.


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