Alta Maremma and the Maremma plains and coast - off the beaten track in Tuscany

The Maremma of Tuscany, Italy

The Maremma of Tuscany, Italy

The Maremma of Tuscany, Italy

Maremma map

Alta Maremma and the Maremma plains and coast - off the beaten track in Tuscany

The Maremma is a geographical area covering part of western Tuscany, notably the Province of Grosseto, and a small part of northern Latium (Lazio). It can be divided into the Alta Maremma (upper or northern Maremma) which borders on the Provinces of Sienna and Pisa, and Bassa Maremma (lower or southern Maremma) south of Grosseto and around the Costa d’Argento.

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the five main geomorphological areas of the Maremma.

The coastal Maremma once contained vast and malarial expanses of marsh and salt flat that were drained during Mussolini’s time and repopulated from other parts of Italy, notably the Veneto.

Maremma marsh

The marshes of the Maremma in SW Tuscany, Italy

Although the Maremma has gained in popularity with visitors over the past 15 years, aside from a few small beach resorts, it is still remarkably off the beaten track for both Italian and non-Italian tourists, despite its many attractions. In the Maremma ancient traditions flourish and authentic Tuscan culture lives on.


Herding the long-horned cattle of the Maremma

The Maremma is famous for its butteri, cowboys who until recently rode horses to manage the distinctive Maremma cattle. Butteri still saddle up for festivals and other special occasions, and horseback trekking is readily available for visitors.

Territorio big

Butteri of the Maremma


The Maremma also has a rocky part to its coastline, composed of peninsulas where the hills extend to the sea, interspersed with beautiful bays, many of them ideal for swimming. Castiglione della Pescaia is probably the best known of the fishing village beach resorts. Vast pine forests border many of these beaches and there are still a few undrained marshes now protected as wildlife parks, the most famous of which is the Parco dell’Uccellina. These areas teem with wildlife, most notably a wide range of spectacular bird species.

Maremma coast

The Maremma coast

Other parts of the Maremma and especially the Alta Maremma are high up in the hills and thickly forested. Some of the hill towns are well known, for example Massa Marittima, while others are rarely visited by outsiders even though they are full of charm. Among them are Civitella Marittima, Roccastrada, Roccatederighi, Sassofortino, Monte Massi, Cinigiano, Campagnatico, Pari and Torniella.


 The village of Pari

A place to stay to visit both the coast and inland Maremma?

We recommend Casa Reasco in the village of Torniella, not far from Roccastrada and Pari in the “Inland Hill” area of the Maremma, as an ideal place to stay to explore the Maremma and to enjoy authentic Tuscan life. Visitors are fewer and so accommodation prices are lower here than elsewhere in Tuscany and these vacation apartments are a real bargain. They are spacious, well-equipped and cool.

Torniella from casa reasco

View of Torniella from Casa Reasco

Casa Reasco has two apartments (4 and 2(+2) persons) plus individual rooms. The apartments may be rented individually or together. Torniella has a good pizzeria and shops for supplies. The people are extremely friendly and prefer to sit outside and talk in the evening rather that watch television. This is a great place!

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Bee eater

Bee eater in the Maremma

Authentic Tuscany – the Tuscan Alta Maremma

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The Alta Maremma is a wild and diverse area of southwestern Tuscany, encompassing the Tyrrhenian seashore,coastal plains and inland hill towns. Click here to learn about the Maremma beaches, thermal pools, nature reserves, Etruscan remains and great accommodation.