Tuscan gardens

Tuscan Gardens

Guide to the formal gardens of Tuscany, Italy

Villa Gamberaia Tuscan formal garden
Villa Gamberaia Tuscan formal garden

Italy is famous for its formal gardens. This style of gardening, rediscovered in Tuscany during the Renaissance and based on classical Roman precepts, had great influence on garden design in England and especially in France. Early formal English gardens were influenced by the fountains, cascades and use of statuary that are essential elements of Italian Renaissance gardens. However, the giardino all’italiana is stylistically based on symmetry, axial geometry and on the principle of imposing order upon Nature. The garden of a Tuscan, Roman or Venetian villa was, in effect, an organic extension of the architecture of the villa itself.

Many of the gardens of the Tuscan villas were created by the rich families that formed the ruling class of Florence and other cities during the Renaissance. Other formal Tuscan gardens were created during the 19 C and the early 20 C by expatriates who rented or bought villas and castles in and around Florence. Many of these properties enjoy magnificent views out over the Tuscan countryside, views which form the backdrop for their beautiful gardens. Among these splendid villas are the following, the gardens of some of which are open to the public:

Tuscan gardens at Villa La Foce
Tuscan gardens at Villa La Foce

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