Fractional ownership and timeshares of holiday homes in Tuscany


Timeshares and fractional ownership in Tuscany

Timeshares and Fractionals

Fractional ownership and timeshares of holiday homes in Tuscany


Fractional ownership of a vacation apartment is similar to a timesharebut with more flexibility and better equity. Borgo di Vagli fractional ownership club near Cortona on the Tuscan-Umbrian border provides access to luxury accommodation in a restored mediaeval village at a fraction of the price of owning and maintaining your own residence in Tuscany. The village of Borgo di Vagli is set in 12 hectares of unspoiled natural beauty, between Cortona, Lake Trasimeno and Umbertide deep in the Tuscan countryside, and has a swimming pool, restaurant and shop, all for the exclusive use of the fractional owners. More about fractional ownership at Borgo di Vagli.

Tuscany Timeshares

For vacationers who wish to enjoy the wonderful attractions of Tuscany from a base with which they are familiar, timeshares are available for rent and resale in Tuscany and throughout Italy. However, for those who prefer to actually own their timeshare, the modern option is fractional ownership where you not only own vacation time at your Tuscan base, but also have true equity in the property – equity that you can sell or pass on to your children. The restored mediaeval village of Borgo di Vagli, near Cortona, offers exactly this.