Towns in the Province of Pisa, Tuscany

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Castello dei Vicari in Lari, Tuscany

Today the most significant sight within Lari is the Renaissance fortress (Castello dei Vicari), formerly the residence of the Florentine Vicars. This well-preserved complex is open to the public throughout the year. Visitors may view Etruscan, Roman and Renaissance objects (glazed terracottas of the Della Robbia), mediaeval and Renaissance frescoes, the “Hall of torments”, the prisons, and underground chambers known as “the hell”.

Casciana Terme

Casciana Terme public thermal pool

At Casciana Terme the first thermal baths date from 1311 and were built by command of Federico da Montefeltro. In 1824, a new façade was added to the building by order of Ferdinand III of Lorraine. At the same time, the various baths were improved and heating stoves were installed for drying the towels and thus the place became known as “the pearl of Italian spas”.

San Giuliano Terme

San Giuliano Terme

San Giuliano Terme is a municipality and famous spa in the Province of Pisa, located about 5 km northeast of Pisa. Definitely worth a visit.



Volterra is an archetypal Tuscan hill town. Its very high and isolated location have preserved much of its original character. Part of its walls, the acropolis and the Porta dell’Arco gate are Etruscan and the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum is one of the best in Italy.



Pisa is a city of unique and to some extent under-rated beauty. Pisa is of course one of the most famous towns in the Region of Tuscany. Many tourists arrive at Pisa airport en route for Florence and neglect to visit anything except the Leaning Tower. In fact, Pisa is well worth a stay of a few days and even makes a good base for a vacation in NW Tuscany. Pisa is only 20 minutes from the coast and has excellent transport links to Florence, Livorno and La Spezia.

San Miniato

San Miniato

San Miniato is an attractive town half-way between Florence and Pisa formerly known as San Miniato al Tedesco to distinguish it from San Miniato al Monte, the beautiful basilica just above Florence.

Map of Tuscany, Italy

map of Tuscany Italy

Here’s an interactive map of Tuscany with links to the best websites for many of the most interesting cities, towns, villages and sights of Tuscany.