Towns in the Province of Prato, Tuscany

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PratoTourist information about the city of Prato near Florence in Tuscany, Italy The city of Prato on the River Bisenzio, Tuscany Prato sometimes seems neglected by visitors to Florence, but in fact the old town of Prato contains many artistic and architectural treasures, including works by Donatello, Filippo Lippi and Botticelli, and is absolutely worth [...]

Villa medicea di Artimino

Villa Artimino

The Medicean Villa of Artimino, also called “La Ferdinanda” or “the Villa of the hundred chimneys”, is one of the most famous of the Medicean villas of Tuscany, in no small part because of the large number of chimneys on its roof. Villa Artimino is located on a hilltop adjacent to the small medieaval village of Artimino, a dependency of the municipality of Carmignano in the Province of Prato.

Villa di Poggio a Caiano

Villa Poggio a Caiano, Province of Prato

The Medicean Villa of Poggio a Caiano, also known as Villa Ambra, is located in the Province of Prato, in the town of the same name. The villa is a splendid example of the villas built by Lorenzo de’ Medici “il Magnifico” and today it contains two museums, the historic apartments on the ground and first floors, and the Museum of Still Life on the second floor.

Map of Tuscany, Italy

map of Tuscany Italy

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