Bridges of Tuscany

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Ponte della Pia

Ponte della Pia over the Rosia stream in Tuscany

Ponte della Pia is a bridge of Roman origin, rebuilt in mediaeval times, which is accessed in a heavily wooded area from the SS73 near the town of Rosia in the municipality of Sovicille, in Tuscany. It was the only bridge spared from the German demolition in the Padule di Stigliano in 1944, and was therefore used by the allied troops. The bridge consists of a single arch, the current structure of which dates back to the early 13 C.

Ponte della Maddalena

Ponte della Maddalena Lucca

The beautiful and intriguing Ponte della Maddalena is a bridge crossing the Serchio river near the town of Borgo a Mozzano in the province of Lucca, located some 24 km north of Lucca and 5 km from Bagni di Lucca.

Ponte Colandi at Fabbriche di Vallico, Province of Lucca

Il Ponte Colandi at Fabbriche di Vallico, Province of Lucca

Ponte Colandi is considered to be among the most beautiful bridges in the Turrite Secca valley. Colandi Bridge is located in Fabbriche di Vallico (now Fabbriche di Vergemoli), and is also called the Ponte della Dogana because it was indeed once a customs post.