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Museo Horne, Florence

Museo Horne, Florence

The Horne Museum (Museo Horne) is located in Florence at Via dei Benci, 6, a short distance away from the Arno and the Ponte alle Grazie, within an easy walk of the major sights around the Palazzo Vecchio. A visit to the gem is highly recommended to anyone bringing to Florence an interest in early Renaissance life and art.

La Camera del Podestà Museo Civico, San Gimignano

La Camera del Podestà Museo Civico, San Gimignano bathing scene

The Palazzo Comunale (town hall) of San Gimignano, also known as the Palazzo del Popolo or the Palazzo nuovo del Podestà, contains within it, among many treasures, the Camera del Podestà (Chamber of the Podestà) which is frescoed with the positive and negative outcomes of the amorous initiation of a young man, a curious and fascinating work by Memmo di Filippuccio dating back to the early 14 C.