Learn Italian in Tuscany or via Skype

Italian lessons in Tuscany plus Italian courses
on audio and video CD-ROM, and over the internet

Learn Italian from a professional Italian language teacher in Tuscany
during your vacation and over the internet via Skype.

Learn Italian from a professional Italian language teacher in Tuscany.

Lorella Federico offers Italian lessons at all levels for individuals and small groups visiting Chianti. Lorella, who is a professionally trained Italian language teacher, lives in Panzano in Chianti. You can attend lessons at her location or, if you are staying in the vicinity, she can provide your Italian lessons at your accommodation. She also provides longer Italian courses for individual pupils in their home countries via Skype.

If you speak no Italian, make the best of your stay in Tuscany by taking a beginner level Italian lesson or two to learn correct pronunciation and useful phrases.

During a longer stay or if you already speak some Italian, a few intermediate Italian lessons from Lorella will increase your comprehension and allow you to take part in conversations.

If you're enthusiastic, when you get home you can continue your lessons over the internet using Skype.

Intensive Italian language courses are also available for those who need to come up to speed rapidly in Italian conversation and reading comprehension for professional or exam reasons.


Italian lessons on audio and video CD-ROM

Being able to understand and speak some of the language of the people you're visiting adds immensely to the fun of touring another country.
With our SmartItalian CDs and CD-ROMs:
• Build fluency - hear native Italian speakers talk naturally.
• Learn effectively - audio, visual and written lessons.
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